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Erotic Breathwork Cyber Course

Saturday, November 3
Saturday, November 10
Saturday, November 17

1:00pm - 2:30pm PST
Your computer

$159.82 - Passion’s Savanna
$119.26- Passion’s Meadow
$90.00 - Passion’s Garden (Only 13 registrations available)

Register with 1 buddy & save 20%, register with 2 buddies & save 30%, plus no ticketing fee!

There are a limited number of payment plans, worktrades, and "pay-what-you-can" tickets available, contact me for more information.


This 3-week intensive is QTPOC-Centered (not QTPOC-exclusive), This means that everyone is welcome, but the event centers the experiences, desires, needs, and safety of Queer & Trans People of Color,

Do you feel disconnected from your body?

Does your sexual life leave you unsatisfied?

Do you have trouble integrating your sexuality & spirituality?

Are you seeking to deepen your authentic relationship with your self?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then this intensive is just what you need to transform your life..

Breath is an anchor, a vehicle, a springboard. Breath is the glue that keeps us in our bodies & connects us deeply to those around us. Erotic Breathwork is one way of deepening the connection with your erotic energy. Having a strong connection with your erotic energy can help enhance your creativity, deepen your mindfulness, integrate your spirituality & sexuality, strengthen your intimacy with your partner(s), and ultimately help you lead a more joyous life.

In these 3 sessions, we will delve into Erotic Breathwork: a meld of rebirthing, Taoist, & Tantric Breathwork techniques. We will go over chakras & energy systems. These techniques are easy to learn and can be adapted for many body types, situations & intentions. 

Please wear comfortable, loose clothing. There will be no nudity or sexual activities in this course.


Please note that this is a QTPOC-centered event, but all bodies are welcome: trans bodies, thin bodies, old bodies, cis bodies, intersex bodies, gender non-conforming bodies, currently-abled bodies, fat bodies, disabled bodies, young bodies, bodies of any class, religion, spiritual tradition. While there's no way to guarantee that all bodies are represented, it is my intention to have a diverse & welcoming space—so if you have problems being in community with any of the types of bodies listed, this is not the right event for you.

Until October 13:
Registration open for QTPOC only

After October 13:
Registration open to all