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The Becoming: Integrating Trauma

Trauma is what happens to a body & mind that survives. Trauma changes us, literally changes our brains: a brain that went through a traumatic incident works differently than a brain that has not. And trauma changes our body in many ways. Whether there are visible scars or not, there are places on our body that hold memories/images/flashbacks/pieces/feelings of the event(s) that changed us.

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The Wounded Healer

The power that comes from recognizing how your healing journey mirrors the healing journey of your clients & how those healing journeys affect each other. And why you need to be clear on what healing you're receiving from the healing work you're offering in the world. 

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What is Erotic Healing?

I see erotic healing as re/education in acknowledging & celebrating the flesh—all of the body—as sacred. We are spiritual beings, manifestations of Divine energy. The body and what it can do is a blessed miracle and something to be celebrated. We were given the ability to feel pleasure by whatever set of deities we believe gave us life, and that makes our ability to feel pleasure something to be cherished.

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