Your Body: The Tardis & Inner Space

So I was forewarned that my lack of knowledge about the Tardis would get me in trouble with Whovians. I'm begging y'all upfront to show some mercy, cuz I'm just a Blerd¹ wannabe. All I know about the Tardis is that it is much bigger on the inside than it appears to be from the outside (oh, & that it's a spaceship). And that's really all I need to know for this analogy.  Your body is a Tardis.

Did you see the movie Inner Space with Dennis Quaid & Martin Short? Dennis Quaid plays a down-on-his-luck Naval aviator who gets shrunk with his submersible pod to microscopic size & injected into Martin Short. And hijinks ensue.

"So um M'kali-Hashiki are you saying your body is both a spaceship & that you can travel it in a spaceship?" ::confused face:: Ok, that got a little convoluted. Just bear with me a moment.

The point I'm trying to make here is that your body is multidimensional, a universe full of color & beauty, so large inside that you'll never be able to map its entirety (you know, like the Tardis). There are many inner voyages that are possible, different paths that lead to different knowledge. And inside each & every one of us is a path we can follow to come face to face with The Creatrix. Her Noodly Appendage. Bob. Gladys. Olodumare. The Source. The Goddess. Whatever you wanna call it. Actually all the paths inside lead us there, if we stay on them long enough. Because we are each & every one of us, a piece of The Divine: The Creatrix lives inside each one of us.

You can craft your own spaceship for this exploration of your inner universe. Your breath is one type of spaceship. Your sexual energy is another. And of course you can combine the two for a very sturdy, very flexible spaceship whose navigation system may often take routes you don't expect. These are the spaceships that I pilot most often, these are the spaceships that I will help you pilot in our work together.

Traveling this inner universe is also how we best encounter our stories.

I wanna take a moment here and talk about "story".  People often confuse "story" with "fiction" & in some contexts (literary, oral, mainstream cultural mores) that is a completely valid equation. But when we're talking about stories of the body, that equation doesn't hold up so well. "Story" is the body's documentation of an event & how it makes sense of that event. The body collects stories, that is one of its purposes; to document the events of our life. Where the difficulty comes is when the body starts filtering current events thru the context of a past event because of similarities that the body's intelligence system notices, when the body becomes a wee bit overzealous in warning us of danger & engaging the defense systems when there actually isn't any danger; this is when our stories become obstacles to the kind of life we want to be living.

It's not a lie we've told ourselves. It's simply something that was true but is true no longer, not the same thing as a lie. When we tell our body that it's lying to us, it becomes super defensive and the obstacles become even more solid & difficult to navigate. (Note I'm not talking here about "brain weasels"—as my favorite advice blog² calls them—the lies our depression or anxiety sometimes tells us: those are more often things that were never true like "you're worthless", "no one likes you", etc). Sometimes to remove those obstacles, the body just needs an acknowledgement of that story. Once we say "Yes body, you are correct, that is in fact what happened. Thank you for making a note of it." then our body relaxes its sentry duty, & the obstacle dissolves. But sometimes the story needs to be excavated & addressed before the obstacle can be removed. And sometimes the body just needs to learn that the sentry duty that it performed so well in the past is no longer needed. And the best way to discern which is which is by these inward journeys; by silencing the mind (which is often shouting so loudly over the body you can't hear jack) & just listening.

Ok, back to whole Inner Space Travel thing. Often when we talk about Trance, or altered/alternate states of consciousness it's referred to in some way as a process of going out of body. I would like to encourage a different direction, a "trancing in" rather than a "trancing out". Knowledge, bliss, epiphanies, enlightenment; I believe that none of this is to be found outside of the body. I believe it is all to be found in your soul; and your soul, this tiny piece of the Divine, is housed in the sacred container of your body. So the best way to reach the soul is to go inward, cuz uh, that's like where it lives.

And btw, Tom Baker is the only Dr. Who that matters. There, I said it.³

Come learn how to pilot your inner spaceship.

Erotic Breathwork for QTIPOC & White QTI Allies Saturday, June 4 12:00pm-4:00pm Berkeley, CA



¹Blerd=Black Nerd

²Captain Awkward

³Tom Baker is the Dr. Who I watched as a child. (I'm just stirrin up shit y'all, I'm actually not at all invested.)

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