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Plug Into Your Passion: Using Touch To Explore Eros

  • A Sovereign Embodiment Oakland, CA (map)

An Afternoon of Erotic Touch in a Queer Community of Women & Trans People of Color
With M'kali-Hashiki

This is an adults only event. Limited to 12 attendees.


I invite you to an afternoon of facilitated touch and pleasure exploration for cis women and trans folk, grounded in consent and choice. We will get to know each other, create a sacred container, do some short exercises, strengthen and identify our boundaries so we can relax, receive, and give. I encourage you to bring an open mind, curiosity and playfulness! We will bare it all this afternoon: our desires, our vulnerabilities, our power, and our flesh.

All bodies are welcome at this workshop: fat bodies, cis bodies, thin bodies, old bodies, trans bodies, young bodies, disabled bodies; bodies of any class, religion, spiritual tradition, sexual preference or orientation. While there's no way to guarantee that all bodies are represented that's certainly the intention; so if you have a problem with any of the types of bodies listed, this is not the space for you.

In order to keep the container for this event strong, please leave intoxicants at home.

Doors open at 2:45PM, doors close at 3:00PM. Unfortunately I cannot accommodate late admittance.

Scent aware policy: Please refrain from scented products so that the event is accessible to more people. Incense and sage may have been burned in the space. I will air out the space prior, please let me know if burning incense during the ritual would impact your health or comfort.

Accessibility info: The space is on the 2nd floor; there are stairs and an elevator available. The bathrooms are ADA compliant.

I am aware that people have different financial resource realities & I would like to make this retreat as affordable as possible. Instead of sliding scale, I use payment tiers. There is nothing you have to prove to me about your financial situation, I don't ask for your tax returns or pay stubs. I simply ask that you do some honest reflection about your current financial reality from a mindset of abundance rather than scarcity, & then choose the tier meets that reality. The tiers are named as they are to reflect the amount of “green” you have access to. Passion's Meadow is the “market rate”, meaning this is the fee that will make this retreat financially & energetically sustainable; Passion's Garden is for those for whom market rate would be a hardship; and Passion's Savanna is for those who have an ample financial resources.

Ticket prices:
Passion's Garden - $25.00 (I pay the $3.12 Sparxos' fee)
Passion's Meadow - $38.42 (includes $3.42 Sparxos' fee)
Passion's Savanna - $48.72 (includes $3.72 Sparxos' fee)

(There are also a few work-trade spots available, please contact me for more information.)