And The Day Came When The Risk To Remain Tight In A Bud Was More Painful Than The Risk It Took To Blossom.
— Elizabeth Appell*

Client Testimonials

“M'kali-Hashiki's integral approach to her work threads through her practice, politics, touch, emotional presence & spirit. It's a deeply nourishing yet relaxed session. It's rare to get the opportunity to work with someone so experienced and creative in touch & erotic arts. She is clean, clear, hot & inspiring. I recommend her.”

“Thank you! I was able to [finally] reach orgasm with my boyfriend. We're both very excited.”

“You helped me to start moving on from a unhealthy place & deal with a personal loss. You showed me some of the joy life has to offer if one is only willing to look for it.”

“I am so grateful that I found M'kali-Hashiki. She helped me find some peace when I finally started to face being sexually assaulted several years before.”

“Working with M'kali-Hashiki helped me with the sorrow I felt after my mother's death. My grief felt deeply physical, so her touch & guided breathwork got me to a place beyond what I could put into words. Beforehand I didn't know what to expect & was a little anxious about feeling exposed. I was surprised that one of my favorite parts of the experience were the quiet moments she created for me to express whatever came up. It felt great to be seen - M'kali-Hashiki is such a safe witness! ”



Perhaps you are on your journey to the juncture of presence, pleasure, & prayer, and find yourself in need of a guide along the path. I offer individualized guidance in many areas of erotic wellness, including but not limited to: accessing your erotic voice & power; integrating your sexuality & your spirituality; creating the sexual/erotic life you've always wanted; healing erotic wounds; enhancing your creativity; erotic embodiment;  replenishment &  renewal.

Working with me offers you the chance to have the fiercely passionate life you've been seeking. Such a transformation does not happen overnight, nor does it happen without effort. So with very few exceptions, I only work with people on an ongoing basis.

Currently I only offer online sessions (I’ll offer Oakland, CA in-person sessions March-June & Sep-Oct 2019). We can focus solely on breathwork, or the sessions can be more like inclusive coaching: talking (not “talk therapy”), breathwork, energywork, soundwork, home exercises, etc,

Transformation is not a “quick fix”, and the mind requires time to integrate new information. To that end, I rarely offer “one-off” sessions. Working with me privately involves a commitment of either 5 weeks (in-person sessions only), 3 months, or 6 months (payment plans available).

for Healers, Sexworkers, & BLM Organizers

For healers, sexworkers, I offer non-judgmental nurturing that takes into account your special needs. For self-employed healers & sexworkers, the 90mins sessions are 85% of whatever your hourly rate is (salaried healers get a flat discount on my regular rates).

I offer “Soul Sustenance Sessions” for Black folk organizing Black Lives Matter actions. These donation-based sessions are sacred space for you to receive pampering nurturance while releasing the grief & rage & exhaustion & hopelessness you may be carrying; an opportunity for you to re/connect with your erotic self, your deepest joy. A replenishing retreat for the radiant revolutionary. I also strongly encourage BIPoC (Black folk, Indigenous folk, and other People of Color) healers who've been supporting the protestors & organizers to schedule one of these sessions.



My Commitment to you

My main responsibility is to create & maintain a safe container for your journey. With that in mind I am committed to starting on time & ending on time. I am committed to being fully present during our time together. I am committed to setting & respecting appropriate boundaries. I am committed to hearing & respecting your “no”, as well as your “yes”. I am committed to following hygienic practices during any session involving touch.

You can expect me to use all of my skills & intuition in service to your energetic, spiritual, and physical bodies. You can expect me to tell the truth as I understand it. You can expect me to be your cheerleader, your advocate, your guide.

The focus of all our time together is your sensual, sexual, and erotic growth. All sessions are focused on your experience; my personal sexual needs are met elsewhere. I am not available for dating or fucking clients. And while it's true that many of my acquaintances, friends, & colleagues have become clients, and many clients have moved on to become friends; there is a separation between my professional & personal lives. If you are an acquaintance, friend, or colleague of mine, feel free to ask if you need further clarification.

*No, it wasn’t Anais Nin. Click here for more info.