Your Erotic Energy Is A Fuel, A Resource, An Oracle.
— M'kali-Hashiki

In 2019 these rituals are only available in Oakland, CA March-June & September-October.

Unfortunately, our culture no longer acknowledges major life events with rites to mark their importance. Taking the time to acknowledge these events can be a way of coming to terms with change, and also a way of moving forward. Together, you & I will create a 3-hour embodied erotic ritual to mark any transformative life event you desire. 

I currently practice Ifa, a Yoruban, pre-Christian "spiritual tradition" (it is also a science, and a way of life). Before that, in my "baby dyke" days, I practiced Dianic Witchcraft. I also have experience with Catholicism, various sects of Buddhism, and come from a lineage of the Black Southern Baptist Church. I have been part of various pagan communities for over 2 decades & am currently an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church. All this to say that I believe in the phrase "all paths lead to the same mountaintop", and that I am comfortable working within & complementary to many spiritual traditions. Whatever your spiritual beliefs, we can work together to create a ritual to serve your needs. I also believe that ritual need not be overtly spiritual or religious in order to be effective.



This is just a sample of are a list of the rituals I offer. If there's another experience you'd like to mark with ritual, contact me & let's see what we can create!

Relationship Mourning

Whether you are mourning a relationship that ended because of a partner's death, or a relationship where the other party is still alive; somatically acknowledging how that loss impacts your libido, sexual expression, and relationship to your body is key to moving on.


The creation, nurturing, and greeting of a new life is a major life event. Let's welcome this new life & celebrate the joyous gift you've been given, & acknowledge the responsibilities & changes ahead.


A miscarriage affects not only your body, but your mind & spirit as well. Ritual can help you integrate the experience & give you space to decide what's next.

Sex Magick

Sex Magick is any ritual in which your sexual energy is harnessed & released towards a particular goal. These differ from most Sex Magick rituals in that you & will not be having sex, but instead I help you create a sacred circle (and hold it for you during the ritual) & will then guide you through using your sexual energy to raise a cone of power, direct it & release it with intention


When your body stops ovulating & shedding the uterus's lining, it can be a source of relief, or a source of sadness. You may want to say goodbye to a decades-long involuntary process; you may want to celebrate your Cronehood; you may want to simply embrace the new you.


Of self or others. Forgiveness of those who've betrayed you does not equal forgetting, or welcoming them into your life; it's simply letting go of the emotional/spiritual shackle their betrayal has created, refusing to give your life energy to them.

Forgiveness of self does not equal ignoring your accountability; it's an unmooring from guilt & shame that may be impacting your growth.

Body Reclamation

Reclaiming your body after a physical transformation, after a relationship ends, or in the face of a chronic condition.

Pre/Post Abortion

An abortion can sometimes be a decision heavily laded with emotion. Preparing yourself spiritually and/or spiritually processing the experience can help integrate those emotions into the forward motion of your life. 


Bringing the erotic & the sexual into the process of conception. Especially important for those with fertility issues, or those employing AI (old school or new) techniques.



I am also available to facilitate group rituals. Contact me for more information