Getting You Through The Exam Like The Badass You Are

I offer this complimentary service to folx who have a vagina & according to medical guidelines are supposed to have a pap smear and/or a bimanual exam on a regular basis, regardless of where you sit on the factory-installed vagina-having gender spectrum*. You can think of me as your pal, your companion, your sidekick, or your "pelvic exam doula" (the word "doula" comes from the ancient Greek meaning "a woman who serves" and is now used to refer to a trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support.)

Whatever you want to call me, the point is I'm here to do whatever I can to make your gynecological exam experience as comfortable for you as possible.

If your pelvic exam is in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville, Montclair/Piedmont; I can accompany you to the exam & do any or all of the following:

Prior To The Exam

  • take you through the steps of a basic pelvic exam

  • show you pics of the relevant internal & external anatomy

  • show you pics of pelvic exam steps

  • let you hold a speculum & explain to you how it works, and let you open & close it yourself however many times you want

  • roleplay as your practitioner so you can practice what you want to say

During The Exam

  • Remind you of the questions you wanted to ask

  • Help you work on your breathing

  • Be in the place that’s most helpful to you: next to you holding your hand, or in the corner being a smiling face for you to focus on (silly faces & balloon animals optional except I don't know how to make balloon animals)

After The Exam

  • Debrief how the exam went, and let you talk about how you hope the next one will proceed.

My Qualifications

I know a lot about the pelvis both on the inside & the outside. I’m VERY familiar with the anatomy in question. In addition to the Yoni Massages, Rosebud Massages, & Pelvic Release Massages I do with my clients & the massages I teach them how to do; I’m also a Gynecological Teaching Associate (GTA). As a GTA, I teach student MDs/DOs/NPs/PAs how to give competent, thorough, & ouchless pelvic exams using my body as the "demo model"; during my teaching season some days I have 6 pelvic exams, and some weeks I have 24. I know that a properly performed basic gynecological exam should not hurt a healthy patient. I also know that a lot of folx have had experiences in and out of the exam room that can make having this exam a physically, emotionally, and/or energetically difficult process.

I know too many folx who are petrified of having a gynecological exam, and a lot of those folx just end up postponing them indefinitely. The physical wellbeing of your [pick one or none] hoohaw/punani/junk/down there/coochie is important, and is one of the keys to sexual & erotic empowerment. This exam is the most common way of monitoring your body’s health. If knowing that you can have someone there who’s on your side will help you to get this exam, I’m honored to be of service.

I hope to help you advocate for yourself in case your practitioner doesn’t have the best techniques. At the very least, I want to make the experience less awful for you by not having to endure it alone.

Shout out to all my [pick one or none] butch/moc/nb/gender-non-conforming/genderfluid/trans vagina-having peeps. While I myself am a “gender-conforming” Femme, I have/had friends & lovers all over the gender spectrum. My service is definitely offered to you as well, but if it would make you feel more comfortable to have someone closer to you on the gender spectrum as your PE Pal, I’ll see if I can find one of those friends to take my place.

Currently this service is only open to those who need pap smears/bimanual exams. As it grows & I’m able to train others, the service will be offered to those who need prostate/testicular exams, reagardless of gender, gender identity, or gender expression.

I need a PE Pal: *
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