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Reclamation Is A Part of Healing

I believe that "healing from trauma" is about regaining access to those parts of you that shut down in order to cope, and/or the things that trauma took away from you. Sometimes the reclaiming doesn't work for you, but it's still important to try. What are the things that your trauma(s) took from you? Are you perhaps unconsciously already reclaiming them? If not, what are small things that you could reclaim?

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My Mama Was My First Client

I learned so many things at her bedside that inform my work as a healer. It was at her bedside that I learned how to set a sacred container that engages all the senses no matter whether or not all the senses are perceptible to observers. It was at her bedside that I learned how much loving touch can communicate, absent of words. It was at her bedside that I learned how to be present with intention & love while knowing I was essentially powerless to affect the outcome.

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The Becoming: Integrating Trauma

Trauma is what happens to a body & mind that survives. Trauma changes us, literally changes our brains: a brain that went through a traumatic incident works differently than a brain that has not. And trauma changes our body in many ways. Whether there are visible scars or not, there are places on our body that hold memories/images/flashbacks/pieces/feelings of the event(s) that changed us.

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What Is A Sacred Intimate? What Is Sacred Intimacy?

I see all of you as sacred. I believe that your erotic power is a fuel, a resource, an oracle; and I want you to have full access to that power. I believe that your body when integrated with your spirit, your mind, your emotions and your sexuality is the best guide you can ever have. I want you to be able to hear that guide when It speaks to you. 

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What is Erotic Healing?

I see erotic healing as re/education in acknowledging & celebrating the flesh—all of the body—as sacred. We are spiritual beings, manifestations of Divine energy. The body and what it can do is a blessed miracle and something to be celebrated. We were given the ability to feel pleasure by whatever set of deities we believe gave us life, and that makes our ability to feel pleasure something to be cherished.

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