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Cultivating Our Own Inherent Erotic Power Is Part Of A Larger, Radical Framework For Dismantling Oppression
— M'kali-Hashiki

I’m a Renegade Sexual Mystic, a Tour Guide to the Realm of Eros, a Somatic Teacher of Erotic Possibilities, & a Social Justice Warrior-Healer.

Excerpt from my "FiercePassions 101" video. Entire video can be seen here




I was given the name M’kali-Hashiki (em-KAH-lee-HAH-she-kee) by a Priest of Oshun in the Ifa tradition. It means “fierce passion” in Swahili. I believe that we are all entitled to have passion in our lives, and to understand how being connected to our passion & creativity enhances our lives & the lives of those around us. It is my fierce passion for a happy, healthy, world that motivates everything I do. 

I’m a Certified Sexological Bodyworker; a Certified Sound, Voice, & Music Healer; and a Certified Tantric Sacred Intimate. I’m a queer, feminist, polyamourous, middle-aged, fat, kinky, Black Femme Dyke; and an Ifa devoteé. I believe that the sexual & the spiritual are irrevocably intertwined.

I have a complex sexuality & sexual history. I have personal experience with polyamory, nonmonogamy, BDSM, and achieving mystical states during sex. I am—and have always been—a “sexual outlaw”, as well as being a “triple minority” (Black, female, and queer); this has allowed me to view society's standards on sexuality with a critical eye. As a Scorpio, I have always been curious and intrigued by sexuality, and feel that my erotic sense is the most calibrated of all my senses, and is the filter through which I experience the world.

I am a Trauma Survivor currently addressing 30 plus years of undiagnosed & untreated PTSD. I understand the ways in which our triggers hide from us, popping up when we least expect it; the ways trauma can influence even the most mundane actions in our day-to-day lives; the ways minor triggers substitute for the major ones. While my traumatic incident was not sexual trauma, it still had an impact on my erotic growth & sexual development.

A former professional social justice organizer & published essayist; I have been deeply influenced in my personal, professional, and political arenas by Audre Lorde’s essay The Uses Of The Erotic: The Erotic As Power. I believe her point that in order to maintain itself, oppression requires the repression of the erotic. Because of my lived experiences and my past political work; because of the lies we are constantly told about what sex should be, about what is normal and acceptable; and because of the sexual truths that are vilified; I view my work as a form of political rebellion.