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There’s a way of breathing that’s a shame and a suffocation and there’s another way: a love breath, that allows you to open infinitely.
— Rumi


Money is a complex system in our capitalist society. At it's most basic, it's something you give for services rendered, or give for ownership/temporary ownership of an object. At it's most complex, it encompasses concepts of self-worth, sustainability, survival, indulgence, and value. Our culture is unfortunately not equal in terms of financial resources, with some having to struggle (and/or fail) to meet the most basic needs, while others have financial resources beyond what they could ever need.

We are taught that to discuss money is impolite, to share having a limited budget “whining”, & to confess to having inherited wealth or large amounts of discretionary funds “bragging”. Yet this silence around money is one of the keys to maintaining inequity. Just as I seek to undo sexual & erotic taboos so that we can have a healthier world, I also seek to undo monetary taboos as a means to an equitable distribution of wealth.



Fair Energy Exchange (FEE)

Payment is also a form of energy exchange: the money is a tangible symbol of the energy that you expended acquiring it & you exchange it for the energy I give you during our work together (and the energy I expended acquiring/honing my skills). While I want this work to be as accessible to as many as possible, I also want my practice to be financially sustainable: allowing me to devote my focus to my clients, engage in continuing education, and afford the type of self-care services necessary to be able to continue both physically & emotionally. My fees & rates reflect these desires, being lower than those of a lot of my colleagues, yet higher than other healers offering other equally important forms of transformative work.

My Passion Programs for individuals are based on an hourly rate of $150, & my online packages are based on an hourly rate of $95 (rates for dyads & triads differ, contact me for more information). There are discounts available for payment in full & monthly payments. I also accept



payment tiers

For my events, instead of a sliding scale I have 3 different payment tiers. All tiers give access to the same information/attention at the events. There is nothing you have to prove to me about your financial situation, I don't ask for your tax returns or pay stubs. I simply ask that you do some honest reflection about your current financial reality from a mindset of abundance rather than one of scarcity & then choose the tier meets that reality.  The tiers are named as they are to reflect the amount of “green” you have access to. The Meadow Tier is my “market rate” and is $30/hr for in-person events & $25/hr for webinars; Garden Tier is for those for whom market rate would be a hardship; and Savanna Tier is for those with abundant discretionary income.

The ticketing app that I use charges a fee (pretty much all online ticketing apps do). For the Meadow & Savanna Tiers, the fees are included in the rates listed. For the Garden Tier, I absorb the fee.

Click the tier for suggestion to figure out which tier is recommended for you.

You can comfortably invest in your own personal growth without negative financial repercussions,
even if you have to make some sacrifices here & there (sacrifice is different from hardship).

You are on a limited or stretched budget. 
More than one of the following is true for you: 
You have no savings.
You have dependents or significant debt that sometimes prevents you
making ends meet.
You receive public assistance. 
You are unemployed or underemployed.

You have inherited wealth or a large discretionary budget.
More than one of the following is true for you: 
You own your own home or rent a high-end property.
You own more than one home.
You have investments, retirement accounts, or inherited money.
You are unemployed or underemployed by choice.

If you have wealth, I ask you to consider paying at the Savanna tier to support this work & the community of folx who desire it. Your payment allows my work to be financially accessible to more people; allows me to offer donation-based sessions at healing justice clinics; and allows me to volunteer my services at community clinics and to support workers & street medics.




I have space to engage in a limited number of barters/trades for the Reclamation Rituals & the Passion Programs each year. Click here for a list of goods & services I'm willing to barter/trade for.