Healing yourself is connected with healing others.
— Yoko Ono

You are a healer: someone who creates & hold space for people to transform their lives. You came to this healing work out of a deep love for others & the desire to be of service. You put your all into helping your clients access the healing that allows them to become their best self.

But how is your own healing going?

Are you bringing your whole self to your healing work?

Are you feeling drained by your healing work or think it’s inevitable that you will some day?

Has your authentic relationship with your own body been impacted by the healing work you do with others?

Are you in touch with the pleasure you get from your healing work?

Are you getting enough pleasure in your personal life?

Are you feeling stuck in your practice?

You know you were born to help other people transform their lives, and you get a sense of satisfaction being able to help people. But you’re starting to feel a little drained, and a little stuck, not sure what’s missing. You feel like you’re giving so much to your clients that there’s less & less left over for your own healing. You’re focused on marketing, and honing your skills, and hustling to get clients, and all the administrative tasks necessary to keep your practice afloat. You feel less connected to your body in your personal life, and have less energy for the things that give you pleasure. You feel like your own pleasure should be separate from your healing work.

But pleasure is not only healing, pleasure is also empowering. We tend think that intentionally prioritizing our pleasure, is selfish, or taking something away from our clients. But when we are intentional about our pleasure, we have more energy, more power to pull from. When we make space for experiencing pleasure in our personal lives, we have more resilience for our healing work.

Join me & other politicized healers for a 5-week course and become intentional about identifying & ethically seeking the pleasure in your healing work, and intentional about prioritizing pleasure in your personal life. You will learn breathing techniques to access your erotic energy & circulate it through your body. You will create and/or refine your pre & post-session rituals to deliberately evoke pleasure.


BY the end of this course, you will: 

  • Be able to use the breath to connect to your erotic energy

  • Have 1 or more pleasure rituals to integrate into your personal & professional life

  • Have a finely honed pre & post session ritual to invoke pleasure

  • Know how to create effective shielding for your sessions

  • Articulate your ethical boundaries as a healer


Attendee testimonials

“The container was very safe, boundaries were clear, and M'Kali Hashiki's integrity and ability to hold space for and with others was super apparent and strong.”

“I found the workshop to be surprisingly serene, replenishing, safe, and transformative.”

“I actually felt like a new person leaving the workshop.”

“Your presentation style [was] relaxed, focused, knowledgeable, approachable, & fun. Content [was] unique, practical, life-changing.”


Registration Rates

Instead of a sliding scale I have 3 different payment tiers. All tiers give access to the same information/attention. There is nothing you have to prove to me about your financial situation, I don't ask for your tax returns or pay stubs. I simply ask that you do some honest reflection about your current financial reality from a mindset of abundance rather than one of scarcity & then choose the tier meets that reality. 

The tiers are named as they are to reflect the amount of “green” you have access to. The Meadow Tier is my “market rate”; Garden Tier is for those for whom market rate would be a hardship; and Savanna Tier is for those with abundant discretionary income.

The ticketing app that I use charges a fee (pretty much all online ticketing apps do). For the Meadow & Savanna Tiers, the fees are included in the rates listed. For the Garden Tier, I absorb the fee.

Savanna Tier $506.15

Meadow Tier $389.72

Garden Tier $300.00

Payment plans, limited Pay-What-You-Can & limited work-trade slots available.


your guide for this journey

I’m M’kali-Hashiki, and I’ve been engaged in healing work in one way or another my entire adult life—professionally since 2004. I’m a Certified Sexological Bodyworker; a Certified Sound, Voice, & Music Healer; and a Certified Tantric Sacred Intimate. I offer group intensives, and erotic empowerment coaching for individuals, couples, and triads. Learn more about me in the video.


Frequently Asked Questions:

When does this class take place? How long is each session?
This class meets 5 times starting the week of October 20. There are 2 cohorts, one meeting on Sundays at 12pm PDT, and one meeting on a weekday. The first 5 people who want to meet on a weekday will get to decide the day & time. Classes are generally 1.5 hours.  

Who is this class designed for?
Anyone who is working individually with people to help them transform their lives (including but not limited to sexual healers, chiropractors, personal trainers,, massage therapists, coaches, nutritional consultants, therapists, reiki practitioners, tarot readers), and wants to better harness their erotic energy & understand eros’ place in healing.

This is NOT a good fit for you if you are in a tumultuous time of life; moving, new job, new baby, etc. To receive all the benefit, you need to be able to dedicate time and energy to the practices. Also, because this is a group program, you need to play well with others, and have the capacity for kindness for other people's stuck places.

How can I be sure this material will be relevant for me?
In addition to making sure that this course is the right fit for you, I also want to make sure that is a space where all attendees will feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable. If this sounds like a course that will be helpful for you, click the “Apply Now” button. It will take you to a page with the course curriculum & policies. Once you’ve looked that over, schedule a time to chat with me. The purpose of the chat is to make sure that this material will be relevant for where you are in your life. I don’t want you to waste your time with a course you won’t get any use out of. You won’t be asked to part with your money until you’re sure this is the course for you.

Who will be in the group?
The group will be mixed age, mixed gender, mixed sexual orientation. It is Queer & Trans People of Color-centered, meaning that it is centered around the lived experiences of folx in those communities (QTPOC are not a monolith). The group is also explicitly welcoming to folks who are older, fat, disabled, single, POC, or in any way a part of historically marginalized communities. No bullshit will be tolerated. If you aren't cool being in a group with any of these, please don't apply.

What happens when the course is over?
You’ll have a readily accessible source of energy to sustain your work. You’ll feel more present in both your personal & professional lives. Your connection to pleasure will have a transformative effect on your practice & your clients. You’ll have a community of other radical healers changing the world.

I won’t be able to make each session, is that ok?
I’ve designed this course to integrate flexibly into busy lives and schedules. Because this is an online course, all of our course sessions will be recorded, so you can always listen later if you can’t make a session live. You’ll also be able to tailor your practice activities in between course sessions to the schedule that works best for you because our course interactions will all take place online. Whether you’re on vacation, at home, or out working at a coffee shop, the course contents and platform will be accessible you.

I’m not familiar with the online environment. Do I need technical skills to participate?
Actually, it’s really simple to engage in an online course! All you need is an internet connection and a computer, or a tablet (preferably with a keyboard, but that’s up to you). I also recommend that you have access to a phone for calling in. The technology we'll use works best with a dedicated line instead of wifi.

How much time can I expect this course to take?
I’ve worked to create a manageable course. Each week, we’ll be in a course session for 90minutes and I will suggest additional practice and reflection work for you to engage. Depending on you, these practices could take you an hour, or several hours—relative to the time you have and the way you work. With the addition of some time spent online connecting with your course mates and posting your thoughts in the private forum, I expect this course could take 3-5 hours a week—or as much as you’d like to give it. Of course, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out.

I’m in Indiana/Australia/Buenos Aires: can I participate?
Yes! All you need is an internet connection and a webcam!

I’m completely strapped for time. Are you going to offer this again?

What kind of environment do you create?
I pay a lot of attention to the careful creation of containers, in which bodies can feel safe enough and relax enough to speak openly. Personally, I am non-judgmental, super accepting, and kind. I expect all the participants in this group to be so as well. It is a risk for everyone to show up vulnerably, and trust the group to hold them, so we will do our very best to make sure you are well met. If anything comes up that is distressing to someone in the group, every effort will be made to ensure they feel safe and welcome, even if at a growth edge. I do distinguish between safety and comfort, and know that most of our profound transformative learning comes at that intersection.

What's your refund policy?
There are no refunds once you have signed up for the program. This program is designed for folks who are ready to make a serious change in their professional lives, and the financial commitment is an important component of sticking with yourself. Please be certain before you sign up.

What if I want to work with you one-on-one?
The course will be a great introduction to my guiding principles and to how I hold space as a facilitator. If you like, you will be able to continue working with me after course is over (all attendees will receive a discount code for individual coaching programs).
If having read this far, you’re sure that you’d be better served working one-on-one with me, please click here to schedule a consultation.