Where Presence, Pleasure & Prayer Meet


“M'kali-Hashiki's integral approach to her work threads through her practice, politics, touch, emotional presence & spirit. It's a deeply nourishing yet relaxed session. It's rare to get the opportunity to work with someone so experienced and creative in touch & erotic arts. She is clean, clear, hot & inspiring. I recommend her.”

“Thank you! I was able to [finally] reach orgasm with my boyfriend. We're both very excited.”

“You helped me to start moving on from a unhealthy place & deal with a personal loss. You showed me some of the joy life has to offer if one is only willing to look for it.”

“I am so grateful that I found M'kali-Hashiki. She helped me find some peace when I finally started to face being sexually assaulted several years before.” 

“I appreciate so much the time you took with me. It was truly a blessing. Thank you.” 

“Working with M'kali-Hashiki helped me with the sorrow I felt after my mother's death. My grief felt deeply physical, so her touch & guided breathwork got me to a place beyond what I could put into words. Beforehand I didn't know what to expect & was a little anxious about feeling exposed. I was surprised that one of my favorite parts of the experience were the quiet moments she created for me to express whatever came up. It felt great to be seen - M'kali-Hashiki is such a safe witness! ”