Laughter Is Holy. Laughter Is Healing. Laughter Is Erotic Energy Femme-Ifesting In Sound.
— M'kali-Hashiki







Shameless Sex Podcast

Amy Baldwin & I chill out at Sex Geek Summer Camp 2019 & chat about Anal Breathing & Erotic Breathwork


Sex Gets Real Podcast

Dawn Serra & I chat about the erotic, safety, healing, & what breathwork can offer us in reconnecting with our pleasure and erotic sources.


Red Thread Circle

Ursula Ferreira from Apothecary For The Soul & I have a wide-ranging conversation about enstasy, erotic healing, and what white healers & educators need to know to work with People of Color.


Facebook Live

As a kick off to the 72hr replay of the Queer Body Love Series 2017, Elizabeth & I chat about pleasure, joy and self-care for/during the resistance. (the video accidentally ended early, so here's last little ending clip)


Queer Body Love Speakers Series 2016

Elizabeth & I chat about loving our bodies as reflections of the divine. Bonus mini-Erotic Breathwork session.


Good Sense Farms

I give Almah LaVon Rice some “tips for the aspiring sexual renegade and/or mystic.”


Queer Spirit Podcast

Nick & I discuss sexuality as a source of power & transformation, the 3 pillars of Fierce Passion, and the difference between the Sensual, the Sexual, and the Erotic.


Bespoken Bones

Pavini & I chat about working with the ancestors to heal our erotic wounds and the integration of our erotic lives through breathwork practice.


Sexy Grammarian

Kristy & I chat about the creative process & eros. If you're a writer, you need to be reading her site.


Pleasure Lab

Amy & I talk about the Spiritual & the Sexual; the troika of Body, Mind, & Spirit; Sound Healing; and The Vagus Nerve.


Jessica Crystal Joy

Jessica Crystal Joy & I talk about the Sacred Sexuality Community & Women of Color within that Community.


Eros Evolution

Dr. Martha Lee & I talk about the body's connection to the Divine.