Cultivating Our Own Inherent Erotic Power Is Part Of A Larger, Radical Framework For Dismantling Oppression
— M'kali-Hashiki

I was given the name Mkali Hashiki by a Priest of Oshun in the Ifa tradition (I added the hyphen & apostrophe to help with pronounciation). It means “fierce passion” in Swahili. I believe that we are all entitled to have passion in our lives, and to understand how being connected to our passion & creativity enhances our lives & the lives of those around us. It is my fierce passion for a happy, healthy, world that motivates everything I do.  

I have a complex sexuality & sexual history. I have personal experience with polyamory, nonmonogamy, BDSM, and achieving mystical states during sex. I am—and have always been—a “sexual outlaw”, as well as being a “triple minority” (Black, female, and queer); this has allowed me to view society's standards on sexuality with a critical eye. As a Scorpio, I have always been curious and intrigued by sexuality, and feel that my erotic sense is the most calibrated of all my senses, and is the filter through which I experience the world.

I am a Trauma Survivor currently addressing 30 plus years of undiagnosed & untreated PTSD. I understand the ways in which our triggers hide from us, popping up when we least expect it; the ways trauma can influence even the most mundane actions in our day-to-day lives; the ways minor triggers substitute for the major ones. While my traumatic incident was not sexual trauma, it still had an impact on my erotic growth & sexual development.

I have been deeply influenced personally, professionally, and politically by Audre Lorde’s essay “The Uses Of The Erotic: The Erotic As Power” (if you haven’t read it, you need to!). I believe her point that in order to maintain itself, oppression requires the repression of the erotic. Because of my politics, spirituality, and lived experiences—which inform all aspects of my work—because of the lies we are constantly told about what sex should be, about what is normal and acceptable; and because of the sexual truths that are vilified; I view my work in FiercePassions as a form of political rebellion.


Another excerpt from my FiercePassions101 video, giving you a little bit more info about me.

Entire video can be seen here.

San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI) Sex Educator Training: 2004—SFSI Staff
Massage 101: 2005—Chester Mainard
Pelvic Release Massage: 2005—Chester Mainard
Conscious Breathing: 2005—Chester Mainard
Massage Therapist Certification: 2005—Chester Mainard, Joe Weston
Deep Tissue Massage: 2007—Chester Mainard
Sexological Bodywork Certification: 2007—Joseph Kramer, Chester Mainard, Chris Maxwell Rose
Intro to Energy Healing: 2007—Jim Gilkeson
LomiLomi Intensive: 2007—Tamara Mondragon
Intro to Cranio-Sacral: 2008—McKinnon School of Massage
Sound, Voice, & Music Healing Certification: 2008—Silvia Nakkach, et al.
Music Healing Advanced Practicum: 2008—Silvia Nakkach, et al.
Sacred Intimacy Through A Tantric Lens: 2014—Alex Jade, Jay Craver, Lizz Randall, Mark Fleming
Acucraniatsu™: 2016—McKinnon School of Massage

Employment & Experience
Project Prepare: 2008-Present—Gynecological Teaching Associate, GTA Trainer
Badass Visionary Healers Collective: 2012-2014—Founding Member
GLBT Historical Society: 2007-2008—Volunteer & Intern Coordinator
OUTFund: 2000-2004—Funding Panel Member. Funding Panel Co-chair
Haymarket People's Fund: 1999-2002—Development Associate, Funding Panel Liaison
Sojourner: The Women's Forum: 1999—Interim Arts Editor
OUTWrite: 1996-1998—Conference Director
National Gay & Lesbian Task Force: 1992-1996—Receptionist, Volunteer Coordinator, Fight The Right Associate, Conference Staff, Queer Youth Organizing Retreat Coordinator

I’ve facilitated workshops at the following venues
(2nd Annual) Femme Conference
Allied Media Conference
Black Nations/Queer Nations?
Come As You Are Adult Toy Cooperative
Creating Change Conference*
Empowering Womxn Of Color Conference*
Femmes Of Color Symposium
Good Vibrations
Hamilton College
Michigan Womyn's Music Festival*
NIA Collective Gathering*
OneTaste Center
PDX Academy Of Sex
Queer Progressive Organizing School
Sex Down South
She Bop The Shop
Whitman-Walker Clinic
(* = Multiple Times)

I’ve been published in the following media:
Black Leather In Color*
Cuir Underground
Sex & Single Girls: Women Write On Sexuality
Sojourner: The Women's Forum*
This Is What Lesbian Looks Like: Dyke Activists Take on The 21st Century
(* = Multiple Times)