Pleasure Is The Physical Manifestation Of Joy.
— Cherie Carter-Scott

Attendee Testimonials

“M'kali-Hashiki taught me how to breathe. And that's big.”

“[I particularly liked] the initial discussion time about sensuality, sex, & eroticism.”

“Your presentation style [was] relaxed, focused, knowledgeable, approachable, & fun. Content [was] unique, practical, life-changing.”



With a few exceptions that are clearly stated in the event title, my events are open to all. The open events are still QTPOC-Centered, meaning that the lives, desires, experiences, and safety of Queer & Trans People of Color are centered; meaning that Whiteness & Cisheterosexuality are not the "default human", and those experiences will not be centered at the expense of people living in bodies marginalized by The State. If you are White and/or Cishet, please be mindful of the ways that your privilege impacts the safety of others, and be mindful of whether you can be comfortable in an intimate setting when you are not in the majority & not considered the "default human".

All types of bodies are welcome at my events: trans bodies, thin bodies, old bodies, cis bodies, intersex bodies, gender non-conforming bodies, currently-abled bodies, fat bodies, disabled bodies, young bodies, bodies of any class, religion, or spiritual tradition. While there's no way to guarantee that all bodies are represented, it is my intention to have a diverse & welcoming space—so if you have problems being in community with any of the aforementioned types of bodies my events are not the right space for you.

For events that are open to all (or all queers), registration is first limited to People of Color only, and then registration opens to all about 2-3 weeks out from the event.


Instead of sliding scale, my registration rates are organized into payment tiers.
For an explanation, please click here for the "F.E.E.s" page.

2019 intensives


My Pleasure, My Power, My Practice

Erotic Embodiment for Healers
5-week CyberCourse 10/2019


The Uses Of The Erotic In The Time Of Resistance

5-week CyberCourse 11/2019



2020 intensives

Eros’ Excursion
A 3-month online group journey starting in February 2020 focusing on the pillars of Fierce Passion—Presence, Pleasure, & Prayer (one month per focus).
Check back in late October for more info.

Erotic Breathwork Retreat
A 5-day breathwork retreat in Latin America

Plug Into Your Passion
A 3-day in-person Oakland area event

The Uses Of The Erotic In The Time Of Resistance
A 5-week CyberCourse

Erotic Embodiment For Creatives
A 5-week CyberCourse

Erotic Embodiment For Queer People Of Color
A 5-week CyberCourse

Erotic Embodiment For Black Women over 50
A 5-week CyberCourse